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Our tenants say it best...

I am writing to express my pleasure in living in my present home on Situ Road. When I made the decision to sell my Vermont home/acreage and move to an apartment, I had misgivings. Never having lived in an apartment and having driven by only the large complexes with massively paved parking lots, I was not looking forward to the change. I made a list of those things I "needed" and those that I "wanted" and added "This or something better." On this list were things I honestly could not imagine in an apartment complex: quiet; secluded; trees; bird life; congenial neighbors; and physically easily accessible for my "handicap" needs. Yet, in my present apartment I have EVERYTHING I put on the list (both "needed" and "wanted"), plus a balcony my cat enjoys (the "something better"?). As a writer/wordsmith/researcher, the quiet is essential for my work. Being surrounded by trees-snuggled by nature, as it were-feeds my soul. My quiet yet pleasant neighbors are a blessing. My compliments to the designer of this apartment complex. It combines modern efficiency and natural beauty. I also find it a blessing for me not to be responsible for the lawn mowing and snow plowing for the very time time. Yes, apartment living has been a pleasant surprise for me-and I thank you personally for your kindness in making it so.
Joe Ann
Lahout's Apartments Thank you very much for everything you have done for us to help us out! We appreciate it very much and are enjoying the apartment!
Lahout's Apartments My family and I want to thank you ALL for the wonderful warm welcome and all your help!
Lahout's Apartments We appreciate you getting us in so quick! Words can't say how gratful we all are. WE enjoy it very much!
The Smith Family
I know that many times tenants seem to take service for granted and without appreciation. However, I have had two serious problems here. One was the furnace which would not turn off and was a fire hazard, and the other was the sparking fan which could have caused a fire had I as usual left it on after a shower to turn off once I got back from the store. My point is that as I reported the problems to you, they were addressed by management immediately and completely and impressively. Also, the fact that management helped me to store my winter tires and also has worked with me on the pension payment time schedule reference rent payments for my portion of the rent was also much appreciated. So, I want to thank you and the owners for such great and understanding service. It is very much appreciated and totally NOT taken for granted. Thanks!
Lahout Apartments